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keep pounding door sign

Oh my, the City of Charlotte is jumping with excitement over the Panthers at the Super Bowl!  This has been such a fun season of football!  I know, I know, winning has a way of making things fun.  But seriously, this team has been fun to watch.  This city has never danced so much! And these players are full of inspiration.  They have overcome obstacles of serious injuries, family trauma, and car accidents. They are so present in our community too, participating in and hosting fundraisers for a variety of needs…not just in the off season either…right in the middle of their regular work week.  When we moved here 16 years ago, the Panthers became my team and will be through thick and thin.  This year is special and I love being able to feed off of the kids’ excitement and have instant buy-in for vocabulary and concept lessons.

keep pounding door


Every Monday after a game, our students have been colored in black & blue jerseys, hats, and scarves.  And we have had jeans Monday after a win…which has been incredible this year!  (My principal totally knows how to motivate us!  He just says the word jeans and we are all ears!!) This week we our having a door-decorating contest, which is really fun.  I’ve gotten so into this, you would think the prize was a ticket to the big game! My students and I are just so excited to show our panther pride.

keep pounding rubric

And you know that a contest has been organized by teachers when a rubric has been provided for judging!  haha!  I’ve still got some student work to add to the bottom…that is still a work in progress this week 🙂

Go team cover


I am excited to share some of the activities we have been working on.  This is a neutral activity that can be customized with your own team colors (although I believe blue and black are beautiful!).  The themes are perseverance and football merged together.

keep pounding

Right now in therapy we are talking a lot about the character trait of perseverance.  There are many examples from athletes (such as Thomas Davis breaking his arm last week and playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday!!) but we are also making connections to ourselves.  Our theme this week is to #KeepPounding.

Go team vocabulary

Go team writing frames

Go team idioms

I would love to hear ways that you incorporate character traits and coordinating vocabulary into your therapy.  You can read more about the “Go Team” lesson here.  Enjoy the Super Bowl and commercials!  Here’s hoping I have a reason for jeans Monday 🙂

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