Oklahoma Relief Bundle

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So one thing I love about those in the teaching profession is that they are always reaching out to others.  Whether it’s buying extra snacks for students, organizing a book drive for summer reading, or supporting complete strangers impacted by natural disasters.

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I love that the founders of Teachers Notebook put together this Relief packet.  It’s really quite amazing…339 different educators donated one or more products.  There are 505 products, worth over $21,000!  (I think this continues to grow!)  You just sign into your TN account (now’s a good time to create a free one if you’re new to TN) and purchase the relief bundle.  You can donate $20, $25, $50, or $100.  No matter what your donation, you will have access to the entire bundle of products.  And 100% of the donations are being given to the impacted communities for relief efforts.  This bundle is being offered through 5/28/13.

In less than two days, this relief effort has raised

That’s really cool TN!  Way to step up and reach out!


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