Monday Motivation (Freebie & a giveaway)

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This is how I approach my life.  It just makes me happier.  And by not occupying a negative space, I find myself around others who also approach set backs and challenges with a problem solving approach.  I was inspired recently to collect some of my favorite motivational quotes to share with my students each week.  Some of these include some helpful life lessons so I am sharing them with my own children as well.  {The phrase of the week at my house has been “The best apology is changed behavior”} At the start of each week I will share a new quote.  This opens the door for us to talk more about the person behind the quote as well…inventors, children, presidents, inventors, actresses, authors, philosophers.


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I have chosen a quote for each week of the calendar year.  This way you have options. Some of you do see students/clients year round so you will have enough to present a new one each week.  If you don’t, you have options to be able to swap out quotes or even use multiple in one week.  I have them organized in a thematic way, however you are obviously free to use them as you see fit for your space.

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There are two different versions of each quote…one is on the outline of a face and would be ideal to put in frame.  I have chosen to print the faces on colored paper and cute around the face to then place on a coordinating background color.  I found them to be pretty easy to cut out…some of the hair has more angles to cut, but I didn’t find it cumbersome.  It also looks good all on one color if you choose to not cut.  The other version is just text and fills the whole page.  These are ideal to print on colored card stock of your choice to match your room environment or time of year.  Or colors that just plain make you happy!

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I also have included a template to use for an extension activity.  Students will be able to write the quote, draw a picture, and jot down thoughts of how they interpret the message.  Differentiated for your needs, I have a version with the quote already printed (for students who may have difficulty spelling/writing it all but also for therapists/teachers who may be short on time and want to get to the meat of the lesson) and one blank template that could be mass printed and used for all quotes because students will write in the quote.  You could also use this blank template and write in the quote yourself before copying for your students.   Students can collect these in a cumulative “Motivation Monday Notebook”.  These are also great to display.

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I would also like to carry this positive thinking into their home conversations.  I have made these smaller to stick in my communication folders.  These could also be put into a notebook where students then journal on the topics.  My vision is that these will also make great tools to periodically place on students desks with personal notes on the back.


doorMy therapy room is unfortunately situated right next to the student bathrooms. The paper towel dispenser is on the adjoining wall and sounds like a jackhammer in my therapy space.   But in the spirit of seeing the silver lining, I realized that because classes line up right by my door, this opens up a whole new population of kids (and teachers)  that might benefit from the positive messages displayed on my door weekly.  So I chose to display mine in a sparkly frame on my door. (I spray painted a lightweight wooden frame from a craft store and used the removable velcro strip.  Do y’all remember the plastic used for overhead projectors?!? That is my frame’s “glass”.) This will also serve as en entry thought and/or a parting thought for my students.  As we prepare to enter the classroom I have been greeting each group with the quote.  Then as we leave we read it together (quick target for artic too) and I ask them what they think it means.  I haven’t had a group yet that has really been able to rephrase or define the message, so I love that we are taking a minute to explain it and that they get repetition of it through the week.


And now it is time for the giveaway!  TPT generously offered a $10 gift card for giveaways with the back to school sale.  I am still learning the tools of the blog and I just couldn’t turn around a giveaway that quickly.  I’d rather do this slow and correct than turn out a quick mistake (a lesson I’m desperately trying to teach my third grader too!) The great news is that the code doesn’t expire, so you can choose to use it now or keep it for the next sale. To enter, leave a comment on this post…you can share your source for inspiration, a quote that connects to you, or feedback on the Motivational Monday packet.  I am going to push my “select a winner” button on Saturday, so you have through midnight on Friday 9/16/16 to comment in order to be entered in the giveaway.

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I have put in hours and weeks on this project…researching, designing, revising, and creating multiple versions, but I want to offer it to you as a freebie.  It is important to me that we lift each other up and sometimes you just need a happy thought and a freebie 🙂 If you don’t already follow Cult of Pedagogy you should!  Last year I posted about how her article on being a marigold impacted me.  I hope these Motivational Monday Quotes will be some marigold seeds that you can plant in your garden.  I wish for you a successful school year!

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5 Responses to Monday Motivation (Freebie & a giveaway)

  1. Jessie Hoffman says:

    Thank you for the freebie! I am always looking for ways to encourage my students (and myself)…. especially on Mondays!

    • Emily Richardson says:

      You are so welcome! Mondays are tough! I’ve been having fun selecting a new quote to post on my door for something different each Monday 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    Thank you for sharing the quotes and the packet! I am consciously starting each work day with a positive outlook this year. I really like this quote: “A tiger doesn’t proclaim his tigritude, he pounces” (Wole Soyinka). To me it means more action, less talk.

  3. Emily Richardson says:

    Okay, so it is time to pick a winner! There are only two comments so Andrea and Jessie your chances are 50/50…is your glass half full about your chances of winning? I pushed my “pick giveaway winner” button and the $10 TPT gift card goes to…..Jessie! Congratulations, I will email you the gift card code. But guess what Andrea, there is a silver lining. I so appreciate the both of you taking the time to read the post and comment. In the spirit of sharing a positive light with others working hard too, you can choose a product in my store valued at $10 or less and I will send that to you. Have a restful weekend! Emily

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