The Great Paper Caper… A fun lesson, indeed!

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I confess…I am obsessed with Oliver Jeffers! His illustrations are adorable and filled with a witty sense of humor.  The messages of his stories connect with children (and speechologists alike!)   We had fun with “The Great Paper Caper”, especially when we made paper airplanes for our own competition!  There is a theme of treating the forest (and our earth) respectfully, so we tied it into our Earth Day conversation.

I used my fun highlighting tape for the book and students used the word template as we dug in deep to the story vocabulary.  I also have a poster (or it can be cut into cards) with an example of the content for pre-teaching or a word wall.  I printed these on card stock for a colorful presentation.

I was able to target comprehension at different levels depending on the goals of my students.  It makes me so happy when we can jump into the land of stories together!

I don’t always cover each of these skills in each group.  For this story, I customized each group’s lessons and we were able to cover a lot of ground in four sessions.

The students loved making their own paper airplane!  You can see we unfolded the (winning) paper airplane to reveal the sequencing steps written inside.  My son made us some prototypes to work from, because otherwise it might been a disaster 🙂

If you’d like to check out these materials, you can find them here: Speech & Language Book Companion: The Great Paper Caper .



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