Hand Sanitizer Labels {freebie} for SLPs and Teachers

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hand sanitizer coverI’ve got a fun, new freebie for you just in time for back to school!  I always have my tissue box and hand sanitizer very close by, so I figured it was about time that I made them snazzy for my room!  I  know, I know.  Nothing says “over the top room organization” like decorated hand sanitizer bottles.  What can I say, they make me happy!  And I do enjoy being happy.

hand sanitizer bottlesThese are sized to fit the bottles with a rectangular shape.  I fit mine on Purell and Up & Up bottles. There are two sizes of the labels:

  • Large bottle (label fits over the 31/4 x 51/4 bottle label)
  • Regular bottle (label fits over the 2 x 3 1/8 bottle label)
hand sanitizer labels

Graphics are by Ashley Hughes (aren’t they adorable?!?)

I prefer to print onto white cardstock so that the existing label does not show through (you might have more luck in removing the sticky label)  You can use these as bathroom passes or just to sit alongside your tissue box.  One idea is to use your extras in the health room, office, workroom, or staff lounge.  I suggest laminating first or covering with clear packing tape or contact paper. I plan on making a few bottles and then refilling into those in the future. So go ahead and get your freebie.  I wish you a wonderful start to the new school year! Enjoy!

emily purple

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