Say More With Core – Natsumi!

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Here is the latest book companion in the Say More With Core series! My purpose in creating these was to have some visual and supporting materials to make some of my favorite stories more accessible for students with communication challenges. My students have responded well to the consistent formatting across the different Say More With Core story companions.

They are structured to incorporate core vocabulary into the communication-based lessons. Also, the core vocab images are editable so if your student uses a specific image that is different from mine, you just swap it out on the intro page and it automatically updates throughout the document.

I am really excited to add some pages with movable pieces to this activity. Traditionally, these would be the pages that were cut/paste or had velcro to make them interactive. (If you have other Say More With Core units, hang tight because I’m going back and adding this feature to all of them).

For the Say More With Core units, the activities that now have movable pieces are the story-based questions and the category sort. You just click on the green button on page two and they will open up in google slides. You can find “Say More With Core: Natsumi! -editable” at my TpT store.

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