I am a school-based Speech Language Pathologist in my 21st year of this fabulous job!  I work with students of varying disabilities and range of need, primarily in areas of articulation, language, pragmatics, fluency, and functional communication.   I’m all about saving time and using materials intentionally, so hopefully some of my therapy ideas will be a time saver for you!  You can check out my products and freebies on TeachersPayTeachers.

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  1. Erin says:

    I have purchased your Fall functional communication song & story boards bundle. I am so excited to use this. I was wondering what one of your therapy sessions typically looks like when using this bundle. I am a new SLP and any help, tips, info I can get, would be most appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Emily Richardson says:

      Hi Erin!
      Thank you for your purchase! I honestly use these in so many ways! I push in to self contained classrooms, so I use them as visual supports to encourage communication development. I work on choice making, vocabulary, requesting, picture identification, labeling, and peer interaction. Much of the time I am teaching these skills with hand-over-hand prompting. The bundle is thematic, so the stories and vocabulary are relevant to the time of year. I have found them to be helpful to give my students a way to access the literacy-based lessons. Plus, songs are always so engaging! We try to also pull some of the songs up on youtube (“Super Simple Songs” and “Barefoot Books” are great places to start). I also work with many children in the general education setting who are early functional communicators. The games and song/story board help to expand their vocabulary and sentence structure as well. Many of my kiddos rely so heavily on the visual support to answer story questions and participate in language interactions, that this bundle helps them to access stories and lessons. You can see more detail in my posts: “An entire year of song & story boards!”; “Printing, cutting, laminating, storing, oh my!” and “A new school year…Ready, Set, Go!”. Feel free to email me at emily@thespeechpathforkids.com. I hope this helped! Emily

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