Good Cookie Bundle…coming September 2017

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The “Good Cookie Bundle” is coming your way, September 2017!!

CFKC Good Cookie Bundle 2017


WHAT is this bundle? A collection of activities donated by generous SLPs and teachers. You get a variety of resources for one donation!  Everything is donated (I even cover the cut that is taken from TPT) so 100% of the funds raised go directly to Cookies For Kids’ Cancer.

WHEN will the Good Cookie Bundle be available?  During the month of September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, you can purchase this bundle at a great value.  On October 1st it is off the market and I send the check to Cookies For Kids’ Cancer.

WHO can be involved?  Me, You, Everyone! I would love to hear from you now if you have a product you would be willing to include in this bundle.  (I will send you two of my products as a thank you! Email me for more info:  The spirit of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer fundraising is about ALL kids and ALL types of childhood cancers, but it’s also about coming together for ONE cause…..our kids.

WHY? Now this is the good part!  Cancer has touched every aspect of my life…best friends, family, colleagues, students. I became involved with CFKC through my school community and now my whole family participates in various events throughout the year. Here is a little background on CFKC: Nearly ten years ago, founders Gretchen & Larry Witt made the decision to bake and sell 96,000 cookies to raise money for pediatric cancer research. They were inspired by their brave 2-year-old son, Liam, who tragically lost his battle to childhood cancer in 2011. From that original bake sale, CFKC was born. Since then, “Good Cookies” in their own community have continued to raise money to help children like Liam, through any way they know how. Bake sales, dodge-ball tournaments, fitness challenges, dance contests, TPT Good Cookie bundles – you name it!

Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease of children in the U.S., however less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget goes towards all of the pediatric cancers combined. Researchers wait two years for those funds.  CFKC is able to provide grant funding within 45 days.  Without funding for research, there will continue to be a lack of advancements in treatment.

CFKC’s medical advisory board has awarded over $12.5 million in scientific grants over the past 9 years supporting the research for for 37 promising clinical trials.  The research that CFKC has funded has resulted in life saving treatments, providing appropriate medicine for kids along with hope for healthier days.

Good cookies

I have a long history of volunteering with Cookies For Kids’ Cancer and I can tell you that they are amazing stewards with the funds raised.  The #1 priority is to fund less toxic, more effective treatments for children battling cancer.

I look forward to hearing from some more Good Cookie SLPs to join in this bundle!!

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