New school year, New expectations

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Well, here we go. The 2020 school year.


This was me trying to process virtually every school board meeting and district e-mail. Change after change. Form after form to align this year’s instruction with IEPs that were made for a simpler time.

I needed to feel some sense of calm, so I made some visuals to help students adjust to new expectations. The content is in various forms so that you can use it the way that works best for you:

a) google slides to teach the expectations to students – This is also something to share with parents so they can read through it with their children at home. Any additional repetition and conversation around these new expectations will be helpful.

b) posters to display- You can hang them up in your therapy room or even use them as cue cards.

c) written response sheets- You can make an interactive activity with students writing and/or drawing responses.

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I wish you and your students a safe and successful school year!

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