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cover for room pics

Even with all of my good intentions, my therapy room always has at least one stack of things to file, do, make, or read. Or one of all of the above. Never-the-less, it is important to me that I begin the year as neatly organized as possible. I am so fortunate to have a spacious and comfortable space in our school! Believe me, I know how fortunate I am to have a room with various zones for us to work. Over the years, I have been assigned rooms such as the back office of a conference room, tutor rooms, a shared nurse’s office, a janitor’s closet, and probably my all-time “favorite”…the coach’s office overlooking the middle school gym and shared with the psychologist. I can still hear the basketballs bouncing in my nightmares! It probably goes without saying – I learned how to advocate for my students very quickly! My current room used to belong to our classes for students with Autism, however when our school expanded, they moved to a proper sized classroom and this space opened up for my students. Not a week goes by that I don’t remind my administrators how important this space is for my students and how I utilize every inch!!

Here is a little tour…







I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Are you inspired by something you see?

These are all FREEBIES!!!

Memory Strategies & Visual Cues – The ones on my board are my original set.  I later made a set to share as a freebie, so they will look different.

Hand sanitizer labels – Various styles and sizes

Common Core vocabulary – I chose to print these color coded based on the lists by grade level.  It helps me to know which grade level has these explicitly taught in their curriculum.  However, I don’t restrict myself to that.  If i am using that vocabulary or teaching that skill – I pull the cards no matter what grade!

Goodbye Rhymes – My kids love these!!!  There are some general ones (animals) but also several groups of thematic rhymes (holidays, seasons, Dr. Seuss).  I use them for exit tickets.  We choose one as we leave and practice all the way back to class and then they use it for a final farewell.

Also, here are the links to some items displayed that I purchased from other SLPs: 

Speechopoly – Sublime Speech: I use this as an intro conversational tool to talk with students about “what we do in this class”.  I have also used it as a behavioral reward system.  I printed mine smaller, but it can be used to make a 4×45 bulletin board.  She explains how she uses it in her room here.

Cycles for Phonology toolkit – Speech Musings: The labels are part of the set.  She also shares the name of the storage system, which I purchased and loved!  I then bought a 2nd and made artic labels (not pictured) to store all of my Super Duper and miscellaneous speech cards.  She explains her toolkit in detail here.  I just started using it in the Spring and i found it very helpful.

Photo of the Week – Super Power Speech: I adore this set.  I use it in several ways (she has coordinating worksheets that are leveled for language and include speech and social).  I use photographs from this set for my “close thinking” board.  You can also use pictures from newspapers and various photographs.  See it in more detail here.

Inferencing for a Year – The Speech Bubble SLP: I use this with some groups as part of our routine.  As they become familiar with the routine, we are able to do it as a warm up to our main lesson.  I chose to print them on colored paper and display then in the pocket chart.  Find more details on how she uses them for a bulletin board here.  Day 1 we read through the clues together and try to guess the thematic item. We turn over the picture to see if we guessed right.  Then on Day 2, we use the same structure to describe the item.  I found the little magnifying glasses at Party City for maybe 15 cents each and the pocket charts at my second home (Target’s dollar section).

Have a wonderful start to the school year!!!!

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