Speech/Language Story Companions {Andrea Beaty stories}

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In this story, we explore Iggy’s love of building (and my love of travel!) Learn about famous structures and the details of when, why, and where they were built.  Students enjoy making connections to other stories they have read and pictures they have seen about these places.  This is a great story to discuss perspective taking and overcoming fears.
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Rosie is a classmate of Iggy.  My kids loved finding Iggy in her story and going back to look for Rosie in his.  Together with Rosie, we learn more about flight and the historical figure Rosie the Riveter.  Perseverance is a main theme in this story and we can use her example to stick with our own challenges.  9 10 11



With Ada, we continue to learn more about the students in Miss Lila Greer’s class.  Ada is curious about the world around her.  This gives us a great opportunity to teach WH- questions within a natural context.  Ada Marie Twist is named after Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie.  We extend our learning to include these two famous female scientists as well as Jane Goodall and Sally Ride.  Computer science, physics, space exploration, animals…there are so many aspects of science just waiting for a new generation to take an interest in! 13 14 15


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Not all students need to practice each of these language concepts, so I customize a packet for each one.  Using the same story and set of characters allows us the backbone to accomplish a lesson with mixed goals.  The stories can stand on their own, or you could read all three over a period of time.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if Andrea Beaty decides to profile each of the students in their own book?!?  I love the story messages, built-in language concepts, and the clever illustrations by David Roberts.

Check out these book companions and explore your inner architect, engineer, and scientist!  Iggy Peck, Architect        Rosie Revere, Engineer        Ada Twist, Scientist

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