Donor’s Choose – How do you spread the word?

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I love the concept behind Donor’s Choose!  Two years ago our EC team actually had the opportunity to purchase some materials for other teachers and therapists in our county through Donor’s Choose.  I love that you can search for projects that are near and dear to your heart.  Maybe someone with a love of music can pitch in for a music teacher’s request.  Or you can contribute to a project posted by a teacher at one of your former schools.  You can donate any amount and choose from a wide selection.  Maybe you know the teacher (your child is in their class, for example) or maybe you have chosen someone across the country.  I think it is a fantastic way to match supply requests with donor’s funding.

I tried my first project request earlier this school year to have an iPad in my therapy room.  I was told that only classroom teachers would be getting them, so I turned to Donor’s Choose. It didn’t make it all the way to funding, which was a little discouraging at first.  I suppose things happened that way for a reason, though, because my school ended up providing me with an iPad.  I really don’t need two, so I’m glad the funding was able to be redirected to something else.

I have been creating and purchasing many TPT/TN projects that are story-based companions lately.  I don’t always have the books, so I have been trying to check them out of the library.  Their availability can be hit-or-miss, though, and then I’m stuck.  And to be honest, I have an obsession a love for children’s books, and really like to have my own personal copy.  It’s amazing how quickly it adds up to build a speech language library!  So I’m going to try Donor’s Choose again. And this time they are matching the funding through March 1st when you use the code INSPIRE…hopefully that will help!


I’m really excited about this one!  It has stories that I will be able to use for assessments, interventions, and therapy.  My entire caseload will benefit: from kindergarten through 5th grade, articulation to social skills to language, inclusion to pull-out.

For those of you that have had projects funded, I’m curious to know how you spread the word?  It was automatically posted to my FB  page, and then of course it is searchable through Donor’s Choose.  Has anyone had luck with other ways of sharing the project request?  I’d love to hear your ideas and success stories!

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