Countdown to the Summer Games

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Happy Summer everyone!  I am trying to savor the last few weeks of no alarm clock and not really knowing what day of the week it is.  We have been enjoying our lazy mornings and days at the pool.  In my house we are getting pumped about the Summer Olympics starting later this week.  I love sharing the nostalgia of past Olympic heroics with my kids as we watch new accomplishments and make memories together.  I am always amazed at the level of determination these athletes display and am touched by the sacrifices made by their family in order for them to live out a dream.  Go Team USA!!


Using an Olympics theme to teach is really fun because it naturally leads into conversations about perseverance, determination, hard work, setting goals, working through disappointment, and success.  I always find it fun to introduce unfamiliar vocabulary into units to help students expand their base of knowledge…judo, badminton, fencing, and dressage will be so interesting to learn more about.  The Summer Games: Language Style is jam-packed with summer sports vocabulary to teach skills of categorization, describing, and comparing and contrasting as well as thematic multiple meaning words and idioms.  Summer games cover

Summer games 1 Summer games 2 Summer games 3


For students focusing on articulation sounds, this FREEBIE is a fun way to practice skills of sorting by beginning, medial, and final placement while practicing speech placement.

Gold medal Summer cover


Gold medal Winter 2

Word lists target 5 different sets of sounds

Gold medal Winter 1

Have fun with magic reveals or writing & coloring


Follow the Clues: The Summer Games promotes descriptive language skills, social interaction with questioning and answers between peers, and expanding sentence structure.  Students will describe sports and items related to the Summer Games.

FTC summer games cover FTC summer games 1 FTC summer games 2 FTC summer games 3

I hope you are enjoying your Summer days and have fun watching the Summer Games!

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