JULY 2013 SLP Link Up

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I am starting to gear up for back to school.  Which means at this point in the summer I am pinning ideas like a mad woman!  I can make a to-do list like it’s my job (well, sometimes it is!).  Give me a few more weeks and I will start acting on that to-do list 🙂

I have enjoyed reading how other SLPs are spending their July at “All Yall Need“.  My July has been fantastic!


JUST relaxing with my kids:  We are sleeping in, eating breakfast when the mood strikes us, hanging out at new parks, and reading ourselves through a few libraries.

USING Pinterest and Amazon:  I ordered some glass dishes from amazon the other night.  Yes, I said NIGHT.  They were on my doorstep the next morning!  WOW!

LOVING Camp Grandpa: My dad was here visiting for the week.  We had a jam-packed agenda with the kids.  Bounce houses, parks, splash pools, movies.  I love the memories he is creating with my kids.  Plus he stocked me up on some M&Ms 🙂

YUMMY Zucchini Bread: I’ve started to try more recipes from 100daysofrealfood.com.  My daughter begs for more zucchini bread. I’ve had to add more liquid to make the recipe a little more moist, but I am loving experimenting with recipes to reduce the processed foods we eat.  I’ve had more energy since I’ve made some changes.  And I will need that energy in August!!!!

I’d love to hear how you are spending your July!

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  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for linking up! The zucchini bread sounds delicious!

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