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If you are anything like me,  you guys also stalk the TPT and TN freebie list and saw this adorable snowman glyph posted today by Andrea M.  It’s already had over 16,000 downloads–WOW!!

Snowman glyph freebie by Andrea M.

Snowman glyph freebie by Andrea M.

One of my struggles is always how to develop ongoing lessons for my high needs  students with Autism.  There is so much prep work involved to create or supplement materials with visual support.  Sometimes that support is needed to scaffold thinking and reasoning, sometimes it is used as a communication response due to limited verbal output.  No matter what, the materials need to be reinforced, laminated, and preferably made out of titanium.  They get bent, torn, chewed, ripped, examined, thrown and loved on in so many ways. These students also have varying abilities when it comes to reading, writing, and comprehending so I have to be thoughtful in giving multiple formats for expression. These groups are so enjoyable and I truly love seeing their progress.  But the reality is I can’t just look through my therapy cabinet and grab something and go.  This is where organization and time management really come in handy.

I had something planned for these groups this week that went a long with winter clothing and weather.  Nothing that I was super excited about though.  Then I woke up this morning and Andrea M.’s creation was waiting in my mailbox to save the week for me.  Now I am excited and I looooove when I get excited.

Snowman glyph choice boards

Snowman glyph choice boards

Here is the choice board I made to go along with the snowman glyph in case you also need a little extra visual support for your kiddos.  We will work on vocabulary covering winter clothing, weather, colors, boy/girl, age, like/dislike.  Skills targeted will include choice making, answering questions, and making requests. Students will get to color, cut (well, we will assist a lot with this), and glue.  We have been doing weekly choice making and graphing those results, so they will be familiar with graphing our data.   Students will also work in some math vocabulary of more, less, most.  AND….best part is….minimal prep work.  I will put the legend and choice board in a heavy duty page protector (found some in Target’s dollar section in August and also have some from an educational catalog) and make a few copies of the materials and off I go.  There will also be a nice class product when we are done…and that always brightens up the classroom walls a little bit.

I love it when the stars align and content meets creativity!  I’m headed downstairs to make some homemade hot cocoa to celebrate!  Have a great week!

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  1. Uncle Drew says:

    Good morning. I know you see yourself as a role model, as rightly you should be. I’m sure that extends to proper grammar. In the opening sentence of your blog you have a phrase that is misused a great deal by everyone today. Just because everyone else says it wrong doesn’t mean that you should. You say “If you are anything like me..” The proper grammar is “If you are anything like I (am)…” You would never say “If you’re anything like me am.” The “am” is understood. “I” sounds a little odd by itself, so I usually say “If you’re anything like I am…” Keep up the good work.

  2. Emily Richardson says:

    I think it’s safe to say I have perfected imperfection 🙂

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