Back to school sales!

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It is August.  Officially time to pay attention to the date I have to plug back in my alarm clock.  But to ease that pain a little there are always fantastic deals on school supplies this time of year!  Today I stocked up on some colored sharpies for .25 each, composition notebooks for .10, and some crayons for .50.  Too much fun!  I also started my yearly glue collection (pack of 4 for .25).  I go through those so fast that even though they aren’t the premium quality (so they don’t last as long), I can’t pass up a 6 cent glue stick!!


There is a bonus sale this week too because TPT is having their Back-to-school sale Monday and Tuesday August 4-5.  Remember to enter the promo code “BTS14” for that extra 10% off!    After glancing through my wish list I’m thinking I might need to go buy more of those glue sticks!  Happy shopping!

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